White Paper Exposes Delay, Waste, and Cancer Treatment Obstacles Imposed on Patients by Pharmacy Benefit Managers

A new white paper released today by the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) and the Community Oncology Pharmacy Association (COPA) exposes the negative impact pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have on the care cancer patients receive.

Compiling real stories of cancer patients and physicians, the white paper “Delay, Waste, and Cancer Treatment Obstacles: The Real-Life Patient Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM)” was released today at the opening of the 2017 Community Oncology Conference.

Presenting true patient stories collected from community oncology practices over the last year, the white paper details common PBM practices that have a negative impact on cancer patient care. The serious, sometimes dangerous, stories told in the paper include the delay of treatment for as much as six weeks, unaccountable PBM bureaucracies, unethical business practices, and incredible waste.

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SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Goldberg Law PC Announces an Investigation of Express Scripts Holding Company

Goldberg Law PC, a national shareholder rights litigation firm, announces that it is investigating claims on behalf of investors of Express Scripts Holding Company (“Express Scripts” or the “Company”) (ESRX).

If you purchased or otherwise acquired Express Scripts shares and would like more information regarding the investigation, we encourage you to contact Michael Goldberg or Brian Schall, of Goldberg Law PC, 1999 Avenue of the Stars Suite 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90067, at 800-977-7401, to discuss your rights without cost to you. You can also reach us through the firm’s website at, or by email at

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Clawbacks: Hidden Costs Of Copay

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – When you use insurance to pay for a drug prescription there is a good chance you use a copay to pay part of the cost. But what you may not know there is often an unseen middleman increasing costs for you and your pharmacist.
The middleman is known as a Pharmacy Benefit Manager, or PBM. PBM’s negotiate drug prices between drug makers, insurance providers and pharmacies. The PBM impacts you and your neighborhood pharmacist in a couple of ways through two types of transactions known as clawbacks. Copay clawbacks and DIR fees. Let’s look at copay clawbacks first:

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One of the biggest middlemen in the drug industry is losing its largest customer — and the stock is tanking

Express Scripts, one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers in the drug industry, said on Monday that its largest customer will not renew its contract with the company. Shares of Express Scripts were down 15.45% as of 5:40 p.m. ET.

The customer, Anthem — owner of a variety of Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance firms — is responsible for roughly 18% of Express Scripts’ first quarter revenue, Express Scripts said in a release.

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Bob Bryan and Lydia Ramsey

Transparency needed on companies that manage prescription drugs

If you’re like most Californians who have health insurance, you know two things about how prescription drugs fit into your health plan. You know that you receive some level of coverage for medications, and you know that soaring prices for prescription drugs are a major cost-driver that have caused insurance premiums to soar.
What you don’t know is how your coverage for prescription drugs works, who determines which drugs are covered, or who gets how much from the money you pay for your prescription drugs. The fact is, almost no one knows those things.

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