PUTT Helps Employers Forge a New Path Forward on Prescription Drug Contracts

Contracts with pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) are often riddled with language that makes fee structures confusing and jargon that makes it difficult to discern what plan sponsors are actually paying for.

For many PBMs, the more obscurity and confusion in the contract negotiating process the better.  The difficult process of ironing out a contract often forces employers to hire benefits consultants and specialists who may not always be working in the best interest of the employer.

Now, PUTT has released a comprehensive tool to educate employers and help them negotiate contracts.  Read an executive summary here.

PUTT produced the tool kit with research contributions from the Harrison Institute for Public Law at Georgetown University. The Institute has 40 years of experience assisting nonprofit organizations with their legal and policy needs.

By educating employers to negotiate transparent contracts, we can help reduce employer costs and reform the PBM market that has become rife with abuse.

For the complete tool, please email info@truthrx.org.