Statement on Express Scripts Blockage of Compounding Ingredients

Express Scripts recently announced a decision to end coverage for 1,000 compound medication ingredients. PUTT released the following statement in response:

“This is another case of Express Scripts doing what it does best, decrease access to important medications under the guise of savings. Compounded medications have been around since the dawn of pharmacy and play a vital role in the health of patients across the country.

“Doctors turn to compounded prescriptions when traditional modalities fail, cause unintended side-effect profiles or the patient needs a dosage form, strength or delivery method that is not commercially available. Furthermore, in many instances, the compounded medications cost much less than commercially available products.

“We condemn Express Scripts decision and will work with physicians and our patients to ensure that they continue to have access to these vitally important specialized forms of medication. PUTT hopes that employers and plan sponsors will also realize that this move by Express Scripts is yet another reason to choose your PBM wisely.”

View the full release here.