PBM CEO Salaries Help Drive Up Prescription Drug Costs

PBM CEO salaries are why drug costs are going up.

We know who the real fat cats of our healthcare system are — the PBMs.  PUTT has created an updated ad that highlights the excessive, and ever-increasing compensation packages of the top PBM CEOs. These CEOs make their tens of millions of dollars every year!

We fully intend to continue exposing the PBMs at every turn, making sure payers and patients alike know exactly why their healthcare costs continue to rise year after year!

What now?
We’ve shared it on our Facebook page.  We still need your help to get the word out! Please share the ad with your networks by posting it on Facebook and twitter (and don’t forget to tag PCMA so that they see it too!). You can also print it out to post in stores and businesses to show your support of PUTT in the fight against PBM profiteering