Call to Action Against Arbitrary DIR Trimester 1 Fees

Dear PUTT Members,

If, like me, you found an unwelcome surprise in the form of a DIR Trimester 1 report statement in your mailbox, you aren’t alone. The PBM’s repugnant practice of arbitrarily reconciling contracts and reimbursements – then charging the rate differences back to us – is creating an environment of enormous unworkability, uncertainty and stress on the very industry whose mission and purpose is to provide patients with medicine to help heal or find relief when sick or in pain!

We cannot continue to accept these abhorrent practices. They interfere with our fundamental right to do business. We did not create these practices and we were never given a voice when it came time to negotiate.

The idea that one must “pay to play” in order to practice one’s profession stands in stark contrast to the principles on which our country was founded. We must level the playing field. We must take action. As Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency, we are calling on the states and the federal government to demand greater oversight of Pharmacy Benefits Management companies. We are calling for the end of unchecked, unregulated dealings that jeopardize the independent community pharmacy. We are Main Street, America businesses –small businesses — the very heart of the American economy.

We have seen some victories in our fight to expose the truth about PBMs, but it has never been more critical that we take action NOW. It isn’t enough to simply call on government. We must literally call them – pick up the phone and dial our congressmen and women. And we must be willing to do it more than once.

We want to hear from you. What do you need to make your cause heard? A short list of talking points when calling your senator? We’ll help -send us an email. To have your story told in the media? We have a PR team ready to assist. Don’t stand down or feel like you just have to accept these unfair practices. Remember, you have more than 23,000 colleagues in the same situation. We CAN create change – it just requires being willing to take action.

Thank you for all you do for your patients and your communities, and thank you for being members of PUTT. We’ll continue to fight this fight with you until we win.


Teresa Stickler, R.Ph