Pharmacy First Files Suit Against Express Scripts

Pharmacy First, a national network of more than 2,300 independent pharmacies, filed a lawsuit against Express Scripts in Federal Court to seek relief for, among other things, Express Scripts effectively excluding from its network of 83 million or more lives from Pharmacy First and all other Pharmacy Services Administration Organizations (“PSAOs”), except for four PSAOs handpicked by Express Scripts.

By capturing those four PSAOs and using them to further Express Scripts’ interests, Express Scripts transformed what was once a much-needed advocate and bargaining agent for independent pharmacies into an agent of Express Scripts.

Express Scripts has taken steps to drive pharmacies into its select four PSAOs by imposing punitively-low and non-negotiable reimbursement rates, network restrictions, and additional administrative burdens. Express Scripts has also moved to prevent Pharmacy First and other PSAOs from providing reconciliation services to process electronic remittance advice from Express Scripts. Again, narrowing pharmacy choice to a few vendors approved by Express Scripts.

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