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Protest Express Scripts

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Friday, May 17, 2024


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM CT


Public Sidewalk in front of Express Scripts Headquarters

Why We're Protesting

  • Dishonest Contracts: PBMs like Express Scripts force pharmacies into non-negotiable contracts that they regularly change the terms of without notice. Since Express Scripts and 2 other PBMs control over 80% of prescription drug plans, pharmacies are forced to sign or risk losing access to the patients in their communities. 

  • Predatory Audits, Fees & Underwater Reimbursements: 

  • Restrictive Networks & Patient Steering: 

  • Denial of Patient Choice: PBMs like Express Scripts force patients to use mail-order and retail pharmacies they own under threat of no coverage if patients don't comply.

  • Disregard for Patient Safety: By forcing patients to rely on understaffed PBM-owned chains and/or automated PBM-owned mail order, patients are subjected to a heightened risk of medication mistakes, drugs rendered ineffective by improper shipping and/or temperature controls, and little to no recourse when issues arise. 

  • Intentional Obstacles to Medication Access: PBMs like Express Scripts intentionally create limited formularies based on what medications bring their corporation the largest kickback (rebate), not what is medically best or most affordable for the patient. This increases financial burdens on patients making it more difficult to afford essential medications and limiting patients' access to lifesaving treatments .

  • Unreasonable Prior Authorizations:

  • Unnecessary White and Brown Bagging Requirements: 

  • Denial of Prescribed Patient Care: 

Our nation's healthcare should not be about the health of PBM bottom lines and their shareholder dividends. It should be about the health of our citizens, taxpayers, small businesses, and most importantly, American patients.

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Protest Location Map


Protest Fact Sheet

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Protest Press Release

Supporting Organizations

Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency
Missouri Pharmacy Association
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
National Community Pharmacists Association
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