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"The lack of enforcement, regulation, and competition has created a witches brew in which PBMs reign free to engage in anticompetitive, deceptive and fraudulent conduct that harms consumers, employers and unions, and pharmacists."

David Balto, former Policy Director, Federal Trade Commission

Why We Educate

Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency is a non-profit advocacy organization founded by independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners devoted to exposing the truth about the anti-competitive tactics of pharmacy benefit managers (aka PBMs, pharmacy benefit companies, or PBCs). Known to most Americans as their "prescription drug benefit plan" provider, PBMs are in reality a $300 billion+ industry - giant corporate middlemen driving up the cost of medications with huge mark ups, clawbacks and commissions on every prescription covered under their "benefits plan." 

PUTT serves as an industry watchdog, collecting evidence of PBM fraudulent practices and abuse and using this information to educate and inform lawmakers, consumers, taxpayers, employers and health plan sponsors of the truth about the unregulated, unmonitored PBM industry. Through our efforts, PBMs have begun to experience greater public awareness and scrutiny of their actions and come under fire for questionable practices including the use of gag clauses at the pharmacy counter, gross over-billing of health plans, forcing patients to use PBM-owned pharmacies and/or mail-order, and interjecting unnecessary bureaucratic practices such as prior authorizations between patients and their doctors in the matter of prescription refills.

If access to medications, patient care that's focused on patients not corporations, and availability of independent small business healthcare is important to you, we urge you learn more and help us stop PBM abuse of our healthcare system. 

"It is unconscionable that our nation's senior citizens, who depend on Medicare Part D for their life-saving medications, are spending more and more of their money each year while the stock prices and profits of these prescription drug plans and PBMs are skyrocketing"

Tim Hamrick, CEO, American Pharmacy Cooperative Incorporated

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