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PBM Lawsuit Database

The shady, anticompetitive practices of pharmacy benefit managers and their health insurance parent companies have been under attack for longer than you think. Unfortunately, these vertically integrated, multi-billion dollar conglomerates have been able to keep things quiet and out of the public eye by requiring cases against them to be sealed. Now that they're under heightened scrutiny, past litigation is being unsealed and is available to the public.

We've compiled a list of cases that we are constantly updating. If you know of a case that's missing, or can't find what you're looking for, please contact us at

PBMs and Vertical Integration:

* The PBM Prime Therapeutics is jointly owned by Blue Cross Blue Shield and Walgreens Boots Alliance. All other PBMs listed are owned by the insurance companies they represent.

"Beware of that profound enemy of the free-enterprise system, who pays lip service to free competition, but labels every antitrust prosecution as a persecution."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Many thanks to our legal friends at the Law Offices of David Balto, Cuker Law, & Jacobs Law Group without whom we could not have compiled this listing.

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