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Practices & Problems

What pharmacy benefit managers don't want legislators, taxpayers, & the general public to know they're doing

A Few "Trade Secrets" PBMs & Their Health Insurer Parent Corporations Don't Want You to Know About

"The only way to stop Americans from being kept in the dark about how much of their hard-earned money is going to PBMs and their shareholders is by demanding laws that require complete PBM transparency -- especially when taxpayer dollars are involved."

Monique Whitney, Executive Director, Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency

Did You Know:
PBM Forced Mail Order of Prescription Medication Results in More Than Just Sicker Patients

OK Revenue Losses from PBM Forced Mail Order Meds
NM Revenue Losses from PBM Forced Mail Order Meds

Use our calculator below to determine how much your state may have already lost

Support PUTT in the Fight Against PBM Abuse of Communities, Pharmacies, & Patients

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