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It’s Time for #PBMReform!

The single biggest influence on the soaring price of prescriptions is the non-transparent Pharmacy Benefits Management companies – specifically the “Big 3” who hold a staggering 80% of the U.S. market. CVS Caremark, OptumRx and Express Scripts, along with other non-transparent PBMs, would have consumers, employers and taxpayers believe that transparency is bad for the market – that it will drive prescription up drug costs if certain trade secrets were revealed.

What kind of trade secrets? Basic ones. Like how spread pricing – the difference between the manufacturer’s cost and the pharmacy’s reimbursement by the PBM – is calculated, or what happens to the manufacturers’ rebates (hint: they aren’t given back to the consumer). How are medications selected for coverage under Medicare or an employer’s prescription benefit plan? We could tell you if these PBMs were transparent.

PBMs believe the market doesn’t want transparency – as if somehow the American public can’t handle the truth. We believe differently, so we’ve assembled the evidence. Whether you’re a pharmacist, a legislator or a concerned member of the public, we invite you to  judge for yourself.










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The best way to spread the word and expose PBM abuses is through social networks. PUTT posts on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter users can easily re-tweet posts by PUTT and PUTT members. PUTT’s Twitter handle is @TruthRx. Follow PUTT on Facebook at Facebook.com/TruthRx.
Whether you post on Twitter or Facebook, hashtags (#) expedite searches. In addition to hashtagging the name of medications (e.g. #epipen), organizations (#cvscaremark) and how we perceive their non-transparent practices (e.g. #legalthievery), PUTT uses the following hashtags:
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What Are PBMs?

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“The Disastrous Side Effects of PBMs” 

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Current PBM Lawsuits

As word spreads about PBM deceptive practices, more and more lawsuits are being filed. Below are links to articles detailing the latest legal actions taking place:

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Express Scripts for Stealing Customers and Unfair Competition

Specialty Pharmacies Sue PBMs

28 State Attorneys General Sue CVS Caremark Over Rebate Income

Mylan Sued Over “PBM Kickbacks”


PBMs in the News

What’s the Real Cost of Prescription Drugs?

United / Optum Defends Prescription “Overpayment Program”

Pharmacists, Customers Nationwide Coping with Clawbacks


Congressional Action on PBMs

Congressman Doug Collins Exposes PBMs






270 Independent Pharmacies Close in Florida 








Got evidence for #PBMReform? Send it to us at Teresa@TruthRx.org. Photos, statements … we’re collecting and posting real stories for real impact.


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