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Keeping the Pressure on PBM Reform: Our 2022 Priorities

Jan 28, 2022

January marks the start of legislative sessions for most states in the U.S. and is one of the busiest times at PUTT. During the legislative season we monitor hearings and weigh in where invited (or not); seek out and provide evidence where invited (or not); and publish information and documents to help educate legislators and the public understand how PBM abuse harms patients, their employers, and the healthcare system.

Last year a total of 111 pharmacy benefit manager (PBM)-related bills were introduced with some 17 signed into law by state governors (source: National Academy of State Health Policy).

As of this writing, several states are taking steps to rein in questionable PBM practices like patient steering and testing ERISA waters following the favorable rulings from Rutledge v. PCMA and PCMA v. Wehbi. And as the sessions unfold we’ll be there watching and reporting back to you.

Our priority is to end the widespread lies and systemic abuse PBMs perpetrate on patients, employers, taxpayers, and pharmacies. In 2022 you’ll see us pushing to end DIR fees; exposing the fallacy of PBM patient steering and why it ends up costing patients and their plan payers more instead of less; demanding the end of healthcare mergers that benefit Wall Street while devastating Main Street providers and their patients; and continuing to work to build a united front with our fellow pharmacy and other healthcare provider organizations.

PUTT is almost entirely volunteers and operates with a skeleton staff of 2 plus a few contractors. We can’t do it without the help and support of our members and humbly ask for your support if you are not currently donating to PUTT. Your donation (which is fully tax-deductible) funds our initiatives and keeps us fighting for the industry.

Thanks for your support of PUTT!

Yours in advocacy,

Monique Whitney
Executive Director

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