Reports & Documents

Joining PUTT: The Time is Now
October 2012
PUTT is gearing up for another important year and looking to recruit pharmacists ready to join the fight and end PBM abuse.

PUTT Update for NCPA Convention
September 2012
A brief explanation of PUTT’s recent accomplishments heading into the annual convention of the National Community Pharmacists Association

Humana Pharmacy Provider Agreement

August 2012
The new pharmacy provider agreement illustrates the increasingly restrictive nature of PBM contracts.

Helpful Flyer for Amerigroup Florida HMO Patients
August 2012
Information to help Amerigroup Florida HMO Patients select their own pharmacy.

PBM Contract Example Shows Egregious Limitations to Pharmacies
July 2012

Item V of this MedImpact Contract, “Price Non-Discrimination,” is a prime example of a PBM taking advantage of its client.  In this case, the PBM has instructed the client not that it cannot accept reimbursement rates favorable to the client without giving the same rate to the PBM.  The pharmacy’s only option is to sign the contract or risk losing its customers.  View the contract here.

Improving Patient and Health System Outcomes through Advanced Pharmacy Practice: A Report to the U.S. Surgeon General 2011
May 2011
“The 2011 Report to the U.S. Surgeon General is an update of a previously submitted Report in 2009 to then Acting Surgeon General, RADM Steven Galson. The 2011 Report provides health leadership with evidence-based discussion about improving patient and health system outcomes through an additional paradigm of health care delivery for expanded implementation in the United States. The 2011 Report provides rationale and compelling discussion to support health reform through pharmacists delivering expanded patient care services. In collaboration with other providers, this is an existing, accepted, and additional model of improved health care delivery that meets growing health care demands in the United States.”  Read more…

CVS-Caremark Healthcare Merger May Put Patients at Risk (Video)

November 2009
“From a shed behind his Magnolia home, Lonnie Butzske sews and donates quilts to area hospitals, bringing comfort and warmth to the sick. But now he says he’s the one out in the cold. “They’re controlling my life and killing me, because I can’t afford the medications the doctors have put me on to keep me alive,” Butzske said. He’s talking about CVS, the drug store chain with thousands of locations across the United States. His wife, Peggy Butzske, said it all started with a simple letter telling them: “(We) had to go to CVS, and that’s when all hell broke loose,” she said.” See the video…

An Analysis of Market Power in the PBM Market
February 2012
“Express Scripts and Medco, the two largest pharmacy benefit manager (PBMs), have proposed merging. PBMs manage prescription drug plans for sponsors (corporations, governments and unions), acting as a middleman between the sponsors, drug manufacturers and pharmacies. This ConsumerGram analyzes the nature of the market and the potential risks that may result from the merger. To understand whether the proposed merger would benefit or harm consumers, this analysis considers the market’s structure, conduct and performance.” Read more…

A Letter to Chairman Kohl from the President and CEO of NACDS, Steven C. Anderson
December 2011
“We felt compelled to write to you and correct statements made during the hearing by Mr. Paz and Mr. Snow. We believe that these witnesses obfuscated facts in an effort to portray their companies in a better light, downplaying many of their companies’ objectionable activities that would certainly worsen if the two companies were allowed to merge.” Read more…

Congressman Sarbane’s Letter to the FTC Regarding Pfizer and Lipitor
November 2011
“Deals like this clearly benefit the drug company and the pharmacy benefit managers at the great expense of consumers, employers and taxpayers. At a time when we should be doing more to reduce the rising costs of prescription drugs, these types of practices should be prohibited.” Read more…

PBM Revenue Streams & Lack of Transparency
November 2011
Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are middlemen that design, negotiate and manage prescription drug benefits for a variety of health plans, including large organizations such as employers, unions, insurance plans and the government. As PBM business plans have become more complex, greater transparency has not followed. Read more…

Concerns With Rebates in the Medicare Part D Program
November 2011
Sponsors underestimated rebates in 69 percent of their bids for plan year 2008. When sponsors underestimate rebates in their bids, beneficiary premiums are higher than they otherwise would be. Further, some sponsors reported large differences in rebates across their plans. Read more…

Letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from attorney David Balto regarding mandatory mail order legislation
October 2011
In this letter to Governor Cuomo, attorney David Balto outlines his support for NYS Bill AB 5502-B: Local Option – Eliminate Mandatory Mail Order. Read more…

Office of Management and Budget, “Living Within Our Means and Investing in the Future,”
September 2011
Please note: “Health Savings” section begins on page 35. Note page 43, “Streamline Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB) pharmacy benefit contracting. Read more…

“Best Drug Stores,” Consumer Reports
May 2011
Chalk one up for the little guy. Consumer Reports’ latest drugstore study affirms that the top-rated walk-in stores are neighborhood independents, not giant chains such as Walgreens and CVS. Read more…