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Community Pharmacy Finder

Why Choose Independent Pharmacy?

Unlike national chain pharmacies whose first priority is to their corporate shareholders, locally owned independent pharmacies' first priority is to their patients and communities. From cash prices that can be lower than a patient's copay, to safe local delivery and patient-tailored customer service - local independent pharmacies are a patient's best resource for pharmacy care. 

For more details, click here to visit our Patient Information page.

PUTT members and friends are independent community pharmacies and healthcare providers across the United States. This map is our ongoing effort to provide patients with a guide for finding a caring, local pharmacist in their own area.

We are constantly updating our map with local pharmacies and information. If you know of a location that is missing or appears in error, please contact us at

Enter a city, state, or zip code below to find a trusted independent pharmacy in your area.
Not Finding a Pharmacy in Your Area?

Our friends at NCPA also keep a national community pharmacy locator map that may include additional pharmacies not yet listed here. To access the NCPA Community Pharmacy Locator, please click here.

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for supporting independent pharmacies and their patients

"A local pharmacy sells not only medicines but trust too"  - Unknown

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