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PUTT Social Media Policy

PUTT views our social media as platforms for our board of directors and members to freely and openly express themselves according to their First Amendment rights, and to engage in discussion on matters and issues relevant to our industry and the greater healthcare system.

PUTT recognizes that our members will have bold, diverse and even divergent views and opinions. Opinions and views expressed on PUTT’s social media platforms are posted by various directors and members and not limited to, nor do they represent, the agenda of a specific individual.

By definition, PUTT’s job is to “call it like we see it”. We are committed to truth and transparency (hence our name) so we will not back down from asking tough, difficult or sometimes awkward questions. We hold freedom of expression as self-evident, and encourage our directors, members, friends and followers to do the same. 

While it is never PUTT”s intention to cause harm, from time to time opinions expressed may startle, vex, annoy, or result in discomfort. Should that happen, PUTT encourages concerned persons to contact us at with specific questions, comments or concerns so that we may take the opportunity to listen and respond.

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