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Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency (PUTT) is a registered 501c3 national nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of local community pharmacies and their patients. The unethical business practices of our nation’s giant insurance/pharmacy benefit manager conglomerates have resulted in moving our healthcare system from a patient care-focused industry to a dispassionate greed-driven industry focused only on corporate profits.


Here at PUTT, we aren’t afraid to speak out against the Goliaths of the industry. We strive to educate the media, state and federal legislators, and the general public on the effects the egregious acts of these corporations have on prescription drug pricing, patient safety, and the U.S. healthcare system as a whole. Tactics like patient steering, unreasonable transaction fees, DIR fee abuse, forced mail-order, and fail-first therapy requirements (just to name a few) are eroding away the main priority that healthcare was designed to be based upon – our patients.


PUTT continually works with national and local media organizations, gives support to state-level pharmacy and patient advocacy organizations, assists with testimony in state anti-PBM legislative hearings, and has submitted drug pricing reform advisory documents at the federal level. Our podcasts, the PUTTcast and PBM on the Rocks reach thousands of listeners monthly, and our newsletter is read by thousands of healthcare professionals, legislators, and patients every month.


But we can’t make any of this happen without your help.


PUTT members and friends are the voice and driving force behind what we do every day. From advocacy focus to real-world evidence - their support is how we continue to stay loud in the fight. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we rely on the generous support of healthcare professionals and patients like yourself, and your donation is tax-deductible. 


Be a voice for change in healthcare - be a PUTTbull! Donate to PUTT today!

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Independent pharmacies and their patients are up against tough battles in the fight against PBM abusive tactics and unfair business practices. We're making strides, but we can't do it alone.

Help us put a stop to the fleecing of independent community pharmacy and their patients.

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