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Independent pharmacies, providers, and patients are up against tough battles in the fight against PBM abusive tactics and unfair business practices. We're making strides, but we can't do it alone.

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Here at PUTT, we fight hard at both the state and federal levels to protect local community pharmacies and their patients from the abuses of PBM business practices - but we can't do it alone. Our members are the reason we continue to fight.


PUTT members have access to hundreds of documents, downloadable graphics, videos, and webinar recordings to help educate their patients and legislators about the effects of PBM abusive practices on healthcare and their business. 

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PUTT relies on generous donors like yourself to sustain our battle against PBM abuses of community pharmacies, healthcare providers, taxpayers, and patients. Your one-time donation helps fund our education and outreach campaigns in states nationwide.

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Healthcare advocacy organizations, owners with multiple small business pharmacies, hospital groups, pharmacy and physician groups, and/or organizations that are passionate about supporting the fight for PBM reform can become group members of PUTT or sponsor specific PBM reform campaigns.

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For more information or to discuss your preferred sponsorship options, please contact PUTT Executive Director, Monique Whitney at

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