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PUTTlive Webinar: How Do You Fix a Broken 340B Program

At its best, 340b brings providers together with the altruistic intent to serve patients, benefit local business and keep healthcare dollars local. But the daily challenges of pharmacy business - from DIR fees to wholesaler rebates and managing inventory and cash flow - often turns this benevolent dream of a program into a headache-inducing nightmare.

How do you fix a broken 340B program?


Join PUTT Executive Director Monique Whitney, members of the PUTT Board,  and Secure 340B Founder Amanda Gaddy and CEO Julie Crozier for a live Q & A webinar exclusively for PUTT members and friends!

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Independent pharmacies and their patients are up against tough battles in the fight against PBM abusive tactics and unfair business practices. We're making strides, but we can't do it alone.

Help us put a stop to the fleecing of independent community pharmacy and their patients.

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