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PUTT Statement on Commissioner Christine Wilson’s FTC Departure

Feb 23, 2023

Having read both former Commissioner Wilson’s public manifesto published last week in the Wall Street Journal, and Matt Stoller’s detailed explanation of Ms. Wilson’s faithful support of pro-monopoly antitrust policy prior to her resignation from the Federal Trade Commission, we see Ms. Wilson’s decision as the correct one and 100% support her choice to leave the FTC.

We cannot continue to boast that small businesses are the backbone of the economy while allowing the pro-monopoly antitrust faction’s disastrous policies to proliferate, as has happened for more than 40 years. We’re VERY familiar with the results of these terrible policies, as we watch our neighborhood pharmacies close and our friends and loved ones lose access to a trusted source for medication and care.

The U.S. doesn’t need a fringe group of elite, economic reality-deniers whose only interest is molding the economy to fit their vision of what it could or should be. If Ms. Wilson is so closed-minded as to ignore the real-world, marketplace catastrophe her mentors’ ideology-in-practice has created, then she absolutely should vacate her seat.

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