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PBM Horror Stories


Everyone has a horror story when it comes to pharmacy benefit managers. From fail-first therapy requirements and denied claims, to patient steering, non-medical switching, and physician overrides - PBMs are no one's friend.

PUTT is collecting evidence and needs your story. All submissions are anonymous and any contact information provided will never be sold or shared..


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Our friends at the Community Oncology Alliance keep an online journal of their patients' & physicians' horror stories when it comes to dealing with corrupt pharmacy benefit manager practices.

Anyone wishing to read COA's volumes of PBM-created patient issues may do so by clicking here.

“When there’s a family facing a health crisis, it’s not CVS or PBM companies that are out delivering medications or opening the shop after hours to lend a hand”

NY Senator James Skoufis

PBM Horror Stories: Tell Us About Your Experience

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