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Letters scare local Medicare patients

Two local pharmacies have been fielding dozens of phone calls after a pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts, sent out letters to Medicare Part-D patients suggesting they transfer prescriptions to another pharmacy. The letters implied the pharmacies would no longer be participating in two particular plans, Clear Springs Health and Mutual of Omaha.

The two pharmacies are Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy in Decatur and Colee’s Corner Drug’s in Forsyth. Lauren Young spoke to WAND News Tuesday and stated the letters are providing false information and patients will still be able to obtain their prescriptions through the local pharmacies.

“The patients are calling and they don’t want to switch. They are confused by the letter. They don’t know why their plans are making them choose this,” Young said. “You do not have to transfer your prescriptions. We are still able to service our customers at Dale’s and Colee’s.”

Pharmacies are required to re-credential with Express Scripts every few years. The pharmacies received their notice of needing to re-credential at about the same time Express Script letters went out to customers suggesting they would not be able to handle the prescriptions in the future.

Young says if customers need assistance, simply call the pharmacy. In the meantime, patients can continue to receive their prescriptions as needed.

WAND received a response from Express Scripts which is listed below:

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers can get their prescription medication safely, which is why we require pharmacies to renew their credentials regularly. We know that any change to health care services can be challenging, so we proactively communicate to customers who may be impacted well ahead of a potential change to our pharmacy network, and we are pleased that Southlake Pharmacy and Colee's Corner Drugs will continue to remain in our network.”

WAND Reporter: Doug Wolfe



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