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Mail Order Medications

What PBMs Don't Want You To Know
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Steering & Scare Tactics


What happens when PBMs force patients to use their own mail-order pharmacies through threats of higher prescription costs

State Revenue Losses 

Delivery Complications & Predicaments

Medications rendered ineffective through improper storage during shipping, Incorrect medications sent, & Lengthy delivery delays - All result in America's patients becoming sicker, and in some cases, dying


Collin County, Texas Commissioners Find Mail Order Prescriptions to be More Expensive 

Collin County, Texas had long incentivized their employees to use mail-order, and even limited 90-day fills to mail order. After extensive analysis, they found that most prescription drugs were more expensive under mail order, $29.09 more expensive per script. That is before considering that the county paid for the third month’s fill and delivery fees. Commissioners recently changed their policy so county employees could get 90-day fills at retail and removed all incentives for employees to use mail-order. The county employees now have a choice. The video of the Collin County Commissioners Court healthcare discussion on employee benefits for 2020 can be seen here. Please share with employers-government and the private sector. Thank you to NCPA member John Hickman, owner of Dyer Drug Store in Farmersville, Texas for bringing this issue to our attention.

Anne Cassity
VP, Federal and State Government Affairs 
National Community Pharmacists Association 

Support PUTT in the Fight Against PBM Abuse of Pharmacies & Patients

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