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Express Scripts Protest

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Friday, May 17, 2024


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM CT


1 Express Way, St Louis, MO

(Public Sidewalk in front of Express Scripts HQ)

Why We're Protesting

One of the “Big 3” PBMs who together processed 80% of U.S. prescription drug claims in 2023, Express Scripts’ business practices prioritize profits over patients, presenting a clear and present danger to patients; plan payers (including taxpayers); and medical and pharmacy providers.

We’re calling for the end of: 



  • Intentionally Limiting Patient Choice: designing benefits plans that require patients to use only PBM-owned/affiliated pharmacies and/or financially penalizing or threatening to withdraw coverage when patients use the pharmacy of their choice. Mandating mail order or the use of PBM-owned “specialty pharmacies” for expensive medications that require no special handling. 


  • Disregard for Safety: Intervening in the patient’s treatment plan by requiring “fail first” protocols; engaging in non-medical switching; exposing patients to unnecessary risk through mail order pharmacy when drugs are rendered ineffective by improper shipping and/or temperature controls - with little to no recourse when issues arise; drastically cutting reimbursements for medication already dispensed and therapeutic counseling provided, leading to overwhelm as pharmacies are forced to cut staff while processing prescriptions and providing care for an ever-increasing number of patients. 


  • Obvious Anticompetitive Behavior That Suppresses the Free Market: As “negotiators”, PBMs shouldn’t own pharmacies (it’s a conflict of interest) and yet Express Scripts is the 3rd largest pharmacy in the U.S. In a drive to make patients dependent on its pharmacies, Express Scripts offers its competitor pharmacies non-negotiable contracts with perpetually changing, unconscionable terms; mandated below-cost reimbursements; and no guarantee of steering the pharmacies’ patients to Express Scripts’ own pharmacies. With Express Scripts, CVS Caremark and UnitedHealth’s OptumRx holding 80% of the covered lives in the U.S., there's no incentive for any of the “Big 3” PBMs to compete. 

On May 17th, we’re making sure Express Scripts and the other “Big 3” know when it comes to being allowed to provide patient care under fair and reasonable contract terms, independent pharmacies mean business!

Join us in making the voice of independent pharmacy heard!

Make Your Voice Heard

Join Us At The Protest

Your attendance communicates directly to ESI - and to the other “Big 3” PBMs who will surely see similar protests on their doorstep in the future - that community pharmacies take an active role in protecting our patients, our communities, and our profession from Fortune 15 charlatans whose primary allegiance is to shareholder profit over patient care. 



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We know not everyone who supports the PBM fight is able to join us in person.

Post a picture or video of why you #ProtestExpressScripts

Protest Express Scripts




Supporting Organizations

Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency
Missouri Pharmacy Association
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
National Community Pharmacists Association
American Economic Liberties Project
Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations
Illinois Pharmacists Association
Patients Rising
WaypointRx Pharmacy Insurance Group

Protest Express Scripts

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